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اطلاعات بیشتر
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Ali_Mohammad Mokhtari

    About Tehran Parks & Green Space Organization


Tehran in the past was a region with pleasant weather home to green gardens before promotion to capital city during the Qajar Dynasty. Governmental organizations gradually turned the city into a major hub of social and economic activities.h 

Moderate climate and vast green terrain extending from the outskirts of Alborz Mountain kept the green image and atmosphere of the city as well as the customs and rites of the inhabitants intact despite the primary density stemming from growing urbanization. Vast and rapid urbanization in the ensuing decades brought about various problems for this capital city. Therefore, the organizations in charge made decisions and planned strategies to refurbish the green spaces and prevent destruction of urban nature. To that end, the “Department of Gardens” was established in 1960 as a municipal organization. In 1963, it was renamed the “Parks Organization” to promote the role and importance of green spaces in urban life. The new name and the new objectives gradually augmented the burden of tasks and responsibilities on the organization so that in 1990 it changed the Articles of Association and was assigned greater missions under Tehran Parks & Green Space Organization (TPGSO). Since 1990, the organization has embarked on planning and using scientific methods for maintenance and development of green spaces in addition to direct control of the entire green space in the capital city of Tehran. Moreover, the organization has put on its agenda creation of green ring-road (belt) around the capital.u

Holding training courses for technical promotion of green space activists, publishing applied and specialized books and handbook, and implementing research plans on developing and maintaining green spaces are among the major functions of the organization.y

Planning and construction of large parks for promotion of the latest methods of green space design as well as implementing the master raw water supply project for irrigation of green spaces were two other outstanding projects of the organization. Implementation of these projects will play an influential role in qualitative and quantitative promotion of green spaces in Tehran. Today, various divisions at Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization (TPGSO) take major strides towards preserving and developing green spaces in the capital.h

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