Objectives of

Tehran Parks & Green Space Organization

The organization pursues realization of the following goals in accordance with the responsibilities and missions delegated by the Municipality of Tehran and in line with realization of strategies stipulated in the strategic master plan of Tehran and five-year municipality development plans:

Management, development, maintenance, and supervision of public open spaces, recreation centers, tourist resorts, parks, and urban greenbelts in cooperation and collaboration with the governmental, public and civil organizations and participation of the Tehrani citizens according to the rules and regulations of the ratified master plan and ratified detailed plans. 

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Organization According to the New Statute  

        Study and planning for preservation, maintenance, management and development of public open spaces, recreation centers, tourist resorts, parks and urban greenbelt in the neighborhoods and districts of Tehran in partnership with private sector and in cooperation with pertinent civil organizations and public participation

        Planning for provision of tree identification tags in the parks, green spaces, public spaces and gardens in all districts of Tehran

       Cooperation and collaboration with qualified and leading academic and scientific centers inside and outside the country for access to state-of-the-art technology and know-how to help the discharging of the duties of the organization

        Study and planning for supplying raw water for irrigation of green spaces in cooperation with Tehran Regional Water Organization and other authorized organizations

         Study and planning for supervision of pest and plant diseases control, studying water, soil and green space pollutants in cooperation and collaboration with other related specialized organizations

        Study and planning for identifying and reproduction of the existing species of trees, plants and shrubs and their dispersion map in Tehran

         Study and planning for management and development of vertical and horizontal green spaces in the buildings in cooperation with other pertinent organizations and people according to the rules and regulations passed by Tehran City Council

        Study and planning for promotion of public awareness on preservation, maintenance and rational use of green spaces, gardens, parks, public green spaces (recreational and tourist sites) through mass media and other educational capacities across the capital

        Transactions, marketing and inking contracts in relation with the responsibilities of the organization in accordance to the related rules and regulations

        Raising funds (through loans and credits) from banking systems inside and outside the country and other financial institutions after the approval of the Municipality of Tehran and according to the budgeting policies of the organization

         Attracting investment and partnership by qualified real and legal entities in accordance with the pertinent rules and regulations in cooperation with Investment and Public Partnership Organization in line with the organization’s scope of activities

       Study and planning for creation, development, management, protection and maintenance of Tehran greenbelt in cooperation with authorized organizations and according to pertinent rules and regulations

      Study and planning for controlling development, reorganization, and reasonable use and proper management of parks and green spaces in local, district and trans-district levels with an emphasis on prevention of the destruction of green spaces as a result of expanded buildings and construction of sites that are incompatible with parks, as well as establishment of required installations and offsite utilities in these parks

        Planning for creation of required green space per capita in the derelict areas within the requirements of pertinent rules and regulations 

Tehran Megapolis suffers the following serious problems

      Environmental pollutions, especially air and water pollutions

      Noise pollution resulting from car traffic

      Sharp reduction in underground water reserves and drying up of a number of underground aqueducts in Tehran during the recent decades

      Incongruous urban structure and population density in neighborhoods

     Lack of protection of green spaces by some citizens and industries, environmental pollutions, and sewage penetration into green space irrigation system

     Slope parcels of lands and sandy and salty soil in some areas 

Tehran Parks & Green Space Organization, as the organization in charge of green space management in Tehran, has planned and implemented various projects to revive green nature and create appropriate grounds for landscape and living environment improvement. Realization of these plans has positively changed the life for the better in the capital city of Tehran. 

Establishment of Urban Parks from 2005 to 2010 

A total number of 536 local, district and trans-district parks as large as 937 ha were created between 2005 and 2010 in Tehran. These parks have been created to meet fair distribution of green spaces in 22 districts of Tehran Municipality, benefit their environmental advantages and especially social advantages in terms of individual and family interactions. 


Establishment of Tehran Urban Greenbelt

·         Positive impacts of the construction of urban greenbelt in city environs are mentioned below

         Role of greenbelt and afforestation in oxygen production and carbon sequestration

        Role of forest and green space in mitigation of climate

          Importance of forests and green spaces in boosting underground water reserves

         Impact of forests and green spaces in boosting morale of individuals in the society

         Using greenbelts as a shelter in the time of war or natural disasters

          Improving landscape and reducing visual pollutions

        Creating an environment for social interactions and promoting citizenal relationships

          Creating an environment for air purification and reducing noise pollutions

         Creating an environment for protection of biodiversity and boosting man-nature relationships




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