Tehran Municipality to Supervise Growing Conditions of Trees in Domestic Greenery

CEO of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization announced the news in an interview with Borna News Agency.

Trees are a city’s lungs. Imagine, if the population of trees in a metropolis like Tehran decreases even more, how could we ever have any clean air to fill our lungs with? Even with the current amount of greenery, the number of days on which Tehran’s air has been polluted and unhealthy are too many to count.

In the meantime, a portion of the city’s trees live in our front yards and there are heightened concerns that, due to the busy nature of life in Tehran or the owners’ negligence, these trees are struggling in adverse conditions or, in some cases, have completely dried up. With that in mind, we had a conversation with the CEO of this organization to find out how Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization is going to supervise the growing conditions of trees in home yards.

Mr. Ali Mohammad Mokhtari, the CEO of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization, in an interview with Borna News Agency’s urban correspondent, stated the following in answer to the question of whether there is supervision on the conditions of trees in the smaller streets and alleys of Tehran:

“Maintaining the greenery of all of Tehran’s 22 districts (including trees in alleys and secondary roads) has been delegated to qualified contractors. Therefore, the contractors, as per the provisions of their service agreements, are obligated to carry out all the assigned maintenance tasks and agricultural operations including irrigation, pruning, spraying, etc., while additional supervision is conducted by the municipality’s greenery supervisors. Given that our decent, responsible citizens have a crucial role in enhancing the maintenance quality of their city with their vigilance and active supervision, we expect them to contact us at our hotlines 137 and 1888 in case of any shortcomings or negligence on the part of those in charge of greenery maintenance to request immediate investigation and resolution of the problem.”

Our second question concerned the municipality’s supervision on the conditions of trees, where it is routinely observed that, in many cases, the green space of front yards has either dried up or is in dreadful condition due to the negligence of owners, and yet these trees are, generally speaking, part of the whole city’s greenery. The CEO of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization responded:

Fortunately, in recent years, due to the cultural efforts undertaken by the Tehran municipality and other civil society organizations or NGOs, the citizens’ sensitivity with regards to the well-being of the greenery has significantly increased, to the point that as soon as someone sees a tree being damaged, they contact the municipality’s supervisory offices or the media and the issue is swiftly addressed by the relevant experts and authorities. Since municipality employees are not authorized to enter private properties to conduct regular inspections, upon receiving requests for the license to demolish or renovate properties, the experts visit the area, register the property’s existing trees in a separate file, and the preservation of trees is intensely monitored throughout the construction process. If property owners turn out to have damaged the property’s trees in any way, shape, or form, the issue will be investigated through satellite images as well as the information in our archives, and as per the clear provisions of the law on preservation and expansion of urban green space, proper legal action will be taken the responsible parties.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Mokhtari again appealed to all citizens to immediately contact the municipal authorities at hotlines 137 and 1888 in case they notice any trees being damaged or felled in private and public areas.

SOURCE: Office of Public Relations at Tehran Parks and Green Space organization; 30 June 2018.


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