16th Intl. Flower and Plants Exhibition Held, Flower-Laden Caravans Toured Capital

According to the managing director of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization (TPGSO), the 16th International Flower and Plants exhibition was held in Tehran on May 5-11, 2018.

Ali Mohammad Mokhtari said the exhibition was held at Goftegoo Exhibition Center (permanent grounds for Tehran Municipality's specialized exhibitions). "The seven-day exhibition hosted 200 domestic and a number of foreign producers of flowers and plants for apartments and open-air spaces, as well as manufacturers of agricultural materials, parks equipment and related industries who put on display their latest achievements in the field." The foreign participants came from Italy, Ukraine, Armenia and Switzerland.

Elaborating on the programs held on the sidelines of the exhibition, Mokhtari pointed to public welcome of flower-laden caravans touring the capital and said: "Concurrent with the 16th exhibition, flower-laden caravans toured the streets during the first 5 days of the exhibition and invited the citizens to pay a visit to the exhibition." According to the official, the objective behind mobilization of the flower-laden caravans is to bring joyfulness to the people living in Tehran.

The official said promoting the culture of growing flowers and plants was a great achievement for the international flower and plants exhibition. "Encouraging citizens to keep and grow flowers and plants, familiarity of the citizens with rare flower and plant species, supporting domestic producers of flowers and plants, attracting new investments and creating jobs in flower and plants production and related industries were among the objectives behind organizing the exhibition."

He revealed that holding the annual exhibition has led to the positive developments in Iran's oil and plant industry and to further collaboration of the domestic producers in promoting the quality of their products.

According to a report by the TPGSO Public Relations Dept., given the repeated requests by the visitors for a cash-and-carry opportunity at the exhibition, the organization made arrangements for the direct sale of products in the closing day of the show. "The decision was made in line with public requests on one hand, and on the other hand, to prevent damages to the flowers and plants upon relocation and prevent imposition of losses to the producers."

It should be noted that the exhibition was open to the public everyday from 10 in the morning to 21 at night.

(Source: TPGSO Public Relations Dept., April 15, 2018)


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