Velayat Grand Park, a Gift Presented by the Supreme Leader to the Noble Citizens of Southern Tehran

Promotion of religious-cultural standards of life in southern Tehran and comprehensive development of this
area were the key concepts inherent in implementation of the first phase of Velayat Grant Park. The first phase predominantly focused on promotion of cultural capabilities in southern Tehran. This is because the citizens of southern Tehran had either no or limited access to welfare, educational and cultural facilities. Therefore, they had little participation in cultural and recreational programs. To promote their welfare and educational and recreational wellbeing, construction of Velayat Grand Park was put on the agenda of the Municipality of Tehran. In designing the park, efforts were made to bring the elements into conformity with the culture and even nomenclature of the park. The municipality tried its best to foster the nexus between the concept of culture and urban management in construction of the park. Hence, the municipality had to identify the cultural, welfare and recreational problems in the areas surrounding the park and then prepare the necessary plans to reduce part of the problems by the facilities it had planned to create in the park. It should be borne in mind that inauguration of the first phase of the park, increased the green space per capita of the District 19 of Tehran Municipality 2.7 meters.

Velayat Grand Park at a Glance

-          Total land area: 286 ha or 2,860,000 sq.m.

-          First Phase: 52 ha of green space ring; 42 ha of green space creation including 370,000 trees, shrubs, lawn and seasonal flowers

-          Parking lots: 2,000 lots

-          Park lane: 15m wide, 20m long, and 6480 meters including two driving lanes and one pedestrian lane

-          Bicycle parking lots: 1600

-          Bicycle track: Asphalt track of 4m wide and 5,840m long with red polymer acrylic coating

-          Multipurpose route: 4m wide with almost 6,000 meters in length for transportation, recreation, tourism and emergency purposes

-          Health and track and run: 6,180m track with blue tartan flooring

-          Walking and service line: 2 meters wide and 6,300 meters long paved with red stone

-          Resting area: 3,60m wide, 1,800m long paved with black stone

-          White flowcrete separates the lanes.

-          Park shelters: 26

-          Pavilions for cultural products: 12

-          Fast food and snacks shops: 12

-          Handicraft pavilions: 4

-          Toilets: 10 units each with 12 seats separately for men and women

-          Prayer chapels: 8 (construction of a mosque has been stipulated in the second phase)

-          Solar lamps: 940 on 5.2m post

-          Lighting tower: 50 on 24m posts

-          Children’s playground: 4 playgrounds of 800 sq.m. for 4-12-year-old children

-          Youth playground: 4 playgrounds of 1200 sq.m. for 12-18-year-old children

-          Handicapped sports ground: 1000 sq.m. with special equipment

-          Children’s health site: 800 sq.m. with special body fitness equipment

-          Open-air chess site in southern garden: 600 sq.m.

-          Multipurpose sports field (volleyball, basketball, handball, futsal): 2 fields as large as 360 sq.m.

-          Emergency and crisis management facilities: crisis management building as large as 7000 sq.m.

-          Healthcare services, first aids, health advice: 2 centers with an area as large as 240 sq.m.

-          Buildings and facilities for social gathering: open-air amphitheater in two corners with a capacity of 450 people

-          Entries: seven entries, four for drivers and pedestrians, two entries exclusively for the pedestrians and one exclusively for Shahrbanoo site

-          Main gates: 4 with a span of 15 meters and height of 30 meters

-          Fencing: Interior fencing, 7,000 meters long and 3.20 meters high, the surrounding fence is 45cm high

-          Benches and pipe structure can be seen in 6,400m fences

-          Benches: 260

-          Rubbish bins: 130

-          Drinking water faucets: 18

-          Flag posts: 40

-          Children’s playsets: 8

-          Youth playsets: 4

-          Statues: 30

-          Handicapped health equipment: 2

-          Children’s health equipment: 2

-          Chess areas: 2

-          Skating tracks: 2

-          Multipurpose sports fields: 2

-          Irrigation: rainwater irrigation system

-          Other operations: repair and refurbishment of the existing buildings in the plan for use as firefighting station, traditional sports club, multipurpose sports halls, prayer chapel, local council’s office, etc.


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