Jamaran Lands

-          Land Area: 150 ha

-          Location: Lands located between Golab Darreh and Jamshidiyeh up to Kolakchal

-          Topography: Mountainous area with slope of above 25%. It is 1800-2400 meters above sea level.

-          Pedology: Stone projections can be seen everywhere. The soil texture is chiefly sandy- clay loam.

-          Flora: Astragalus sp., Ephedra sp., Acantholimon sp., Achillea sp., Circium sp., as well as various types of grains and grasses

-          Plants to be used: Pinus nigra, Pinus Eldarica, cupressus arizonica, Robinia sp., Morus alba "fruitless", Ailanthus sp., Cercis sp.,

-          Irrigation system: Using the existing springs in the heights, collecting water and irrigation by piping

-          Special Function (Significance): Developing and completing greenbelt around Tehran, cooling weather and moderating temperature, proliferation of flora and fauna biodiversity, preventing unbridled development of the city


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