Projects in 2015-2017

Underway Projects of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization (TPGSO) (March 21, 2015 through March 21, 2017)

-          Implementation of comprehensive plan of Strategic System for Tehran Green Space Development and Redevelopment

-          Implementation of comprehensive plan for revival and redevelopment of Tehran aqueducts

-          Implementation of Tehran Raw Water Master Plan  

-          Maintenance and development of amusement facilities at Yas Forest Park meant to create a safe and secure place for leisure time of the citizens

-          Design and development of green space on the banks of Tehran highways namely Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf), Shahid Hakim, Shahid Shushtari, Shahid Rastegar Moqaddam, Imam Reza (AS), …

-          Replacement of old municipal trees with mature trees on Vali-e Asr Ave.

-          Construction and redevelopment of green space in 22 municipal districts

-          Training experts, workers and all persons involved in management and development of green spaces in Tehran

-          Development of over 1000 ha of land for afforestation in the southern outskirts of Alborz Mountain and Tehran suburbs according to the Tehran Green Belt Project

-          Study and implementation of research and training plans

-          Establishment and development of vertical green space (green walls along the highways, green façade and green roofs) throughout capital Tehran

-          Site selection, establishment, repair and reconstruction of mosques and prayer chapels in the parks

-          Publication of books and specialized papers for promotion of scientific approach in Tehran green space activities

-          Development and equipment of training centers and offering consultation on flower and plant issues across the 22 municipal districts of Tehran

-          Changing plantation pattern of lawn by using evergreen species needing less irrigation

-          Tagging Tehran trees by using new electronic (RFID) tree tag technology

-          Installation of LED lights for illumination of parks

-          Applying renewable and clean energy sources such as solar energy for illumination and heating purposes in design and establishment of green space meant to reduce energy consumption

-          Planting millions of tulip and narcissus bulbs in the parks and green spaces across capital Tehran

-          Planting millions of saplings from among durable species compatible with the Tehran weather on the thoroughfares, highway banks, parks and Tehran green belt as well as their distribution among citizens for plantation in their houses.

-          Implementation of a project for designing and suitability of parks in Tehran for the use of the war handicapped, physically disabled and the elderly

-          Updating identification of gardens and preventing the destruction of gardens and sparse and scattered treed areas across the 22 municipal districts in Tehran

-          Development of river valleys in Tehran into green space such as the river valleys of Kan, Evin, Darakeh, Farahzad, etc.

-          Construction of water closets and lavatories in the parks

-          Buying and ownership of local gardens and developing them into parks

-          Buying and ownership of the gardens located in Kan suburbs

-          Establishment and development of green space in a part of Abbasabad lands

-          Designing child friendly park in Municipality District 20

-          Design and construction of veterinary garden

-          Holding international and seasonal exhibitions of flowers and plants

-          Implementation of new irrigation systems for the green spaces in Tehran

-          Implementation of safety, health and environment (HSE) management system

-          Provision of identification files for the gardens in Tehran

-          Creating an information spatial system (Radio-frequency identification or RFID) for the gardens and green spaces in Tehran

-          Organizing green space workers

-          Creating statistical and data analysis system in the parks and green spaces

-          RFID tagging of Tehran trees

-          Creating a system for contracts, tenders and contractors

-          Creating a system for identification and registration of contractors

-          Creating a system for determination of the competency and ranking of real and legal entities as contractors

-          Creating a system of statements

-          Creating a system of Commission of Article 7 and Archives of electronic documents

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