HSE-MS and ISO 14001 Course of Action

In the Name of God

By the Grace of God, Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization (TPGSO) has embarked on advancing its plans and programs in line with formulated outlooks and

 the development programs of the Municipality of Tehran. Also, as an environmental organization, TPGSO considers acting upon the requirements of sustainable urban development culture an inseparable element of its development policies. Based on the municipality’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS), the organization takes these management systems as a main part of its performance program. This management system has been put to action in line with Article 50 of the Constitution, preservation of the environment as well as rules and regulations on occupational health, … and in order to create a healthy living condition for the citizens, by virtue of the latest versions of the international standards. Therefore, TPGSO has undertaken the following commitments to implement the above-mentioned management system:

1-    Establishment, development and maintenance and constant improvisation of HSE-MS in an integrated form in all activities and services

2-    Acting upon national HSE-MS requirements, rules and regulations proportionate to the procedures and operations of the organization

3-    Boosting environmental culture and HSE awareness, promoting a feeling of assuming responsibility and partnership in the personnel of the organization, contractors, service end-users, and other beneficiaries through increased knowledge acquisition

4-    Appropriation of entire resources needed for effectiveness of HSE-MS, while empowering and development of human resources as the most valuable capital of the organization

5-    Identification, elimination, reduction or controlling environmental and health hazards as far as possible and preventing emergence of undesirable consequences resulting from the activities and services of the organization

6-    Taking health, safety and environmental considerations into account in organization’s procedures and operations such as vertical and horizontal construction and development, creating green belt, supervising preservation and maintenance of Tehran green space, forest parks, and urban parks as well as offering consultation to the municipality districts and to the future programs and projects of the organization

7-    Selection, evaluation and assurance over conformity of the contractors’ performance with HSE-MS requirements

8-    Management on change, evaluation and revision of HSE-MS

The managerial team of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization has undertaken establishment, maintenance and constant improvisation of HSE-MS and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system and thereby asks all colleagues to actively contribute to the full implementation of the standards. This course of action will be deservedly brought to the attention of all TPGSO staff, contractors, respected citizens and other beneficiary parties and will be put at the disposal of the public.

Doc. Code: HSE-PO-01-01                Date: 05/09/2008                  Last revision made: June 2015

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